Buy original Rasasi Pour Femme 90ml EDP only at
Buy original Rasasi Pour Femme 90ml EDP only at

Rasasi Pour Femme 90ml EDP

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Rasasi Pour Femme 90ml EDP. You will love at first sight Rasasi Rasasi Pour Femme in Spray’s sweet smells. A precious mix that will exhort you to the following exhalations on: Floral, Fruity, Citrus, Occidental. The renowned brand Rasasi found how to delicately compose a welcoming fragrance made of lemon, red apple, pomegranate, musk, spun sugar, cedar.

You will be surprised to know, that a perfume lasts differently on different parts of our body. Most of us apply the perfume on our clothes, well thats not where we should apply them.

How to apply a Perfume -

Ideally start with your neck, shoulder, lower jaw & chest. Follow it up with your wrist, fore arm & inner elbow. Perfume tends to radiate more if you apply at these warm places. 

Women, additionally should also apply the perfume just below the mid riff, behind the knee, calves & ankles. By doing so, you will be able to extract the maximum impact out of your fragrance.

Our Returns Policy doesn’t cover fragrances and beauty products as they belong to the personal category products. 

This item can be returned, only on account of any manufacturing defects like defective nozzle or leakages. For any damages due to transit, please don't accept the shipment, if the same seems to be tampered.  Any such incidents must be reported to us along with the detailed pictures or videos on within 24hrs of the delivery.

For more details refer to our Return policy.

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