Which perfume is long-lasting?

‘You smell good’ is a better compliment than ‘you look good’. Period!

A good smelling person ignites memories and rejoiceful feelings in our mind. Perhaps it is because of the mental notes of a perfume that we are subconsciously memorizing. But what good are perfumes if they cannot last as long as our day? What use are perfumes if they cannot garner us compliments?

Luckily for us, the perfume companies have already thought about these questions. Long-lasting, good performing and highly projecting perfumes are the most sought-after perfumes in the industry.

It means nothing but that every perfume out there must be long lasting, well projecting and good performing.

NO! If that is what you thought about perfumes, you’re entirely mistaken.

To elaborate further, perfumes are like clothes. You can’t wear shorts to work or a three-piece suit to the beach. In hindsight, this is also how perfumes work. There is a perfume for every occasion like there is a pair of clothing for every occasion. Although, you must keep in mind that perfumes are also categorized on the basis of longevity. For example, you do not require a long-lasting perfume for your gym since you would be working out only for a couple of hours at max. You do not want to smell just like a gym perfume when you’ve neatly dressed for work after your cardio. Therefore, a shorter lasting perfume is most ideal.

Now that we’ve understood why there are long-lasting and short-lasting perfumes, let’s understand how to choose an appropriate perfume for your purpose.

What makes a perfume long-lasting?

All of the characteristics of a perfume depend on the ingredients of a perfume. These ingredients are what we ‘smell’ in the form of notes – top, middle and base. Further, perfumes are themselves categorized into other categories like oriental, spicy, fresh, gourmand, etc.

If you’ve taken a good guess, oriental and spicy fragrances are great for evening wear due to their intense, warming and seductive notes. On the other hand, fresh and gourmand fragrances may be better off for summertime or office wear due to their lighter, more fresh smelling notes.

Some of the most popular fragrance notes for evening perfumes are amber, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, vanilla, patchouli, etc. Some of the most popular fragrance notes for day time perfumes are bergamot, lemon, orange, ambergris, tea, etc. These fragrance notes and the ingredients in a perfume are what decides its longevity.

Another factor that contributes to the longevity of a perfume is whether the ingredient list is natural or artificial. Naturally sourced essential oils in a perfume may evaporate quicker than those created artificially. Now, since you do not want to smell like a chemistry lab, perfumers usually have a healthy mix of natural and synthetic ingredients to keep the perfume smelling natural but also long lasting.

Lastly, your body chemistry and climatic conditions also play a huge role in the longevity of a perfume. Some bodies may project and hold perfumes longer than the rest and vice versa. This is subjective to everyone and can only be decided after a couple of wearings. Also, if you live in humid areas and are sweating constantly, do not expect the perfume to last on you for a long time.

Based on these pointers, you can easily choose which perfume is long lasting and what may work for you and what not. For our list of long lasting perfumes, visit: https://www.perfume24x7.com/blogs/perfume-diaries/10-best-long-lasting-perfumes-for-men

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