10 Best Long-Lasting Perfumes for Men

No matter how good a perfume smells, it is next to pointless if it doesn’t last a decent amount of time. It can be disappointing to find that the perfume you bought smells amazing and projects well but doesn’t last at all.

The lasting power of a perfume depends on its concentration, climate, and body chemistry. Some perfumes may last a long time on you while some may evaporate in a few minutes. Here are ten sure-shot perfumes that will last a decent amount of time on your skin/ clothes. These are ten tried and tested longest-lasting best-selling perfumes for men:

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo

With notes of bergamot, sea salt, and marine notes, the opening is quite sparkly with excellent projection. It projects beastly for an hour to mature into a faint geranium note with rosemary. The heart of the fragrance lingers around for a good 6 hours. The incense then starts to enhance the base notes. It is a masculine, musky and versatile scent that lasts a very long time.

F Black by Salvatore Ferragamo

A flanker with an amazing price-value proposition with notes of green apple and pepper is the perfume you’ve been looking for. This is a cold-weather fragrance that speaks of raw flamboyance. Spray it on your clothes and you can smell it for a couple of days.

Versace EROS

An intense and seductive vanilla fragrance that conveys your intentions straight-forward. It is playful, charismatic, and sexy. With the perfect blend of mint, green apple, bergamot, and tonka bean, this perfume will hit all chords right. 4-5 sprays on your pulse point will give you more than 6 hours.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

This fragrance combines the hearty notes of cedarwood and orange blossom for a perfume that lasts all day long, the night and the next morning. The sweetness is great for clubbing or partying. It speaks masculinity all across its notes.

Narciso Rodriguez for Him

This perfume has prominent notes of violet and lavender with an intoxicating dry down full of musk. It is equally floral and powdery at the same time which creates an ultimate balance between masculine and feminine notes. It is striking, mysterious, and neutral, all at the same time.

Bleu De Chanel EDP

A fragrance launched a decade ago which has stood the test of time with grace. It is probably the best blue fragrance in the designer industry with a performance so good that you will be noticed everywhere you go. With fresh notes of bergamot, lemon, ginger, mint, and musk, it is a very dense perfume. A couple of sprays will last on your clothes for several days.

Yves Saint Laurent Y EDP

An in-offensive, mass-appealing from the house of YSL. It has the freshness of ocean wind and the sweetness of orchids. With strong notes of citrus and green apple that follow through with spicy-woodiness make it a must-have for your spring and summer.

Dior Homme Intense EDP

This perfume is a wonderful mix of ever so soft and approachable musk with a delicate pear note and intoxicating iris. It is perhaps the best iris perfume in the market. This perfume has an appeal and maturity. Perfect for your business meetings/ parties, this perfume will get you loads of compliments.

Dior Sauvage EDT

With a brutally strong projection and longevity, this is the most popular fragrance in the world. It will last on your skin for more than 6 hours and even more on your clothes. It smells extremely fresh with a shower like feeling.

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud

A dark, smoky, and sweet fragrance from Tom Ford. With a polarizing reputation on its notes, it is luscious, refined, and arrogant. The note of whiskey is the most prominent which gives this perfume an earthy feeling. It blooms on your skin easily for more than 6 hours. It will last way more than that on your clothes.

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