Perfumes that lasts long!

Does your perfume last long? Or does it really bother you that it fades away really fast. I am sure most of us go through this ordeal. And we keep changing our preferences due to that. Now lets dig a bit deeper to understand what makes a perfume last long. To make a coperfume_note_The_Perfume_Magazine.commplex explanation shorter, lets put it this way, each designer perfume consist of 3 parts, first, second, third. Most of us in reality choose our perfume based on the first and second part. Either we are not aware of the third part or we are running against time while deciding on the perfume hence tend to ignore it totally. This difference you will better understand if I tell you that the first part lasts for 30 sec, and the second for another 30 minutes and the real perfume is the 3rd part which we so effortlessly ignore. This third part is called the base of the perfume, meaning the core ingredients that have gone into the perfume. Mostly this base comprises of strong smelling substances like resins, amber & musk that stays on our skin longer than any other substance. So this is the reason we buy apples & but get oranges. So the next time you buy a perfume make sure that you are deciding based on the second and third part as that's what is the real perfume.

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