Five Rules of Perfume

The fragrance is perhaps the most undisputed testament to your impression. It’s breath-taking when you are in the middle of a crowd and smells a good fragrance on somebody. It immediately makes us notice him/her. The right fragrances can be very attractive, boosting your confidence by at least 50%. Here are our five rules of fragrance to help you wear your perfume right:

Choose your concentration.

Fragrances come in three basic classifications – Parfum, Eau de Parfum, and Eau de Toilette.

Parfums are highly concentrated with 20-30% concentration. Eau de parfums (EDP) contain 15-20% of concentration and Eau de Toilettes (EDT) contain about 5-15% concentration.

Based on the concentration, these perfumes last differently with Parfums lasting the longest, EDPs lasting a bit shorter and henceforth. You would most ideally require a thicker, more concentrated for the nights and lighter scents for the day.

Do not over-spray!

Yes! We know that a good perfume smells good. We know that you want to flaunt your style flamboyantly. BUT! Never over-apply your fragrance. A good 1-2 sprays of your Parfum should last you 8+ hours. 3-4 sprays of your EDP should last you about 6 hours. 4-5 sprays of your EDT will last you 4-5 hours.

However, ranging across different brands, these durations may change, so try your perfumes well before you choose the number of sprays. No matter what, you don’t want to smell nauseating to other people.

Do not use the same perfume!

You do not wear a jacket for your gym; you do not wear shorts to your work, and you do not wear the same perfume everywhere. Period!

Fragrances are available across different notes and scent profiles. This is so that one can choose an ideal scent for the activity that they do. For your nights, you may choose an oriental fragrance that complements the clothes you wear and the place you go to. For the day time, it is advised that you use a lighter aquatic sort of perfume so as to not overpower your olfactory senses. For your office wear, it is better to wear a non-offensive soothing scent that is not overpowering to your colleagues.

Wear perfume on your pulse points.

The pulse points on your body are those where you can feel the beating of your heart. The areas include your wrist, both sides of your neck, the upper side of your elbow, etc. These pulse points on your body are slightly hotter compared to other parts of your body. This ensures that there is proper silage and projection of your perfume. Always make sure to spray your perfume on your pulse points.

Store your perfumes properly.

Most perfumes come in hazy or dark bottles to ensure that the liquid inside is not harmed by too much light or heat. The most ideal way to store your perfumes is a place where there is not too much light or heat. A wardrobe or a drawer is the best way to store your fragrance. Too much humidity, heat or light may damage the quality of the juice inside your bottle.

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