Its time to change your Perfume!

Well its never easy to judge when is the right time to look for a new perfume; but lets try.. has it happened to you that after careful selection you still don't love the perfume you are currently using.

You have used about 10 to 12 different brands & products till date but none hits the perfect note once you start using the same regularly. If yes, then lets work this out. Why does this happen. So most of us are impulsive with our selection and decisions.

They say first impressions are the last impression and so on.. but the same is not true in this case. Our first impressions are often misleading and hence its advised never to rely on those first reports. With a perfume you got to give it the time to unfold itself upon you.

And most of these do it in a 3 step process. Its the combination of these 3 that makes a perfume superior.

So if you have not followed the 3 step process, stop regretting your decision and make up your mind to get yourself the right one.

Well there will be a lot of takers for you existing perfume in your family, especially the younger cousins who would love to get a dash of something, their pockets can't afford as of now. That adds to your fan club and with the right selection thereafter that list is sure to grow.

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