Holiday perfume!

Is there anything like that?

Perhaps The further talk would be better appreciated by individuals who are using perfumes regularly to their workplaces. Recently I met one of my old pals and while talking to him it struck me that only those who use perfume regularly can acknowledge what the non-users are missing. Its like the old age yoga benefits that a non yogic doesn't confide in.

What goes without saying is that the mind set is changing and so is the perception that grooming is incomplete without a perfume. Now if you wear the same fragrance to your office daily then for you a holiday perfume would mean wearing totally opposite notes that would not remind you about your office. or wearing no perfume at all.

But like it goes for most of us, the only time when we don't wear a perfume is under a shower. Hence the opposite notes is the way ahead. Generally people choose perfumes with far lighter notes, but within the same family. Its like if you are accustomed to the colour pink, you would choose the lightest shade of pink during a your day out. Some of the most common get away scents are Weekend by Burberry, Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren, Insense Ultramarine by Givenchy & Coolwater Night Dive by Davidoff.

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