This is our first post, so cheers to that. Lets begin with a thought, what are the five primary senses in a human body?
  1. Sight   2. Smell   3.Taste   4.Touch   5.Hear
Out of these to see & hear are factual senses whereas to smell, taste & feel are subjective or abstract. We can also call them experiential senses. This basically means the same thing will be perceived differently by different individuals. Two individuals have different tastes - we all agree, similarly two individuals may feel the same touch differently due to the emotions associated with it. Now Smell is a bit factual and experiential at the same time. Hence the same perfume will be perceived very differently by two people and at the same time they will be felt similar. So its a combination of science & art to understand a perfume. In later posts we will address this dual character of perfumes and what makes understanding them such an intriguing one. But we will do it together. We will decode this puzzle and make it simple for everybody and that would be one of the primary objectives of this blog.

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