Does perfume expire?

If you’ve ever owned a bottle of perfume, you must have realized that perfumes never seem to run out. Mostly, they’re just lying on your shelf without being used. Thoughts like ‘does perfume expire?’ must have definitely crossed your mind. Besides, if you have owned a bottle for several years, you would have already been able to tell that the potency of your perfume has gone or that it smells off.

So… the answer is YES. Perfumes do expire!

However, one must keep in mind that different perfumes last for a different duration and this is dependent on different factors. Let’s discuss more about this issue. Read till the end to find out how you can extend the life of your perfumes effectively.

How to tell if you’re perfume has already expired?

Ideally, you’re recommended to use perfume for about 3 years. Post that, your perfume may be better off in a dustbin. As hurtful as that sounds, this is the recommendation from top perfumers across the world. But, do not worry. We are here to make things easier for you because losing that favorite fragrance can be a massive pain in your heart.

Look for oxidation

One of the ways perfumes expire is due to oxidation. Notice if your perfume smells sour, acidic or metallic. These are signs that your perfume has too much oxygen in the bottle. This alters your perfume’s chemical structure and the overall scent quality.

Check for debris and color

Sometimes, the color of your perfume can be different than what it used to be. If that is the case, it is highly likely that your fragrance has gone bad. Even though it smells the same, it might be bad for your skin. It is best to throw that bottle away. If you think that spraying on clothes is a better alternative, don’t! Although you may not realize it, the perfume will eventually get in contact with your skin and may lead to issues such as dermatitis or other problems.

Check batch code

All perfumes have a batch code imprinted somewhere on the box/bottle. The batch code is a unique identification code on the bottles that denotes the place and year it was manufactured in. There are websites that can help you check the authenticity and validity of your perfume. An average batch code looks somewhat like – “1B3FH”, “7809”, “F3 JH59333330” and so on. Every brand has its own distinct batch code and once you carefully peruse the literature on your bottle/box, you can make out the batch code. It is a regulated code that is found only on authentic bottles. If you can’t find a batch code on your bottle or if the result comes out shady, it is highly likely that your bottle is fake.

These are some of the reasons how and why perfumes expire. Store your perfumes carefully and perform the mentioned checks before you pick up your old favorite. Make sure to purchase your perfumes from reputed sellers to ensure that they will last for as long as mentioned by the brand. To purchase authentic and long-lasting perfumes, visit


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