It takes a while to recognise your personal favourite scent. Perfume is a part of your personality and once you find the one that most resonates with you, you want to hold on to it forever. However, it may be surprising for some of us to know that PERFUMES INDEED, DO EXPIRE! Yes, perfumes have a shelf life and they do go bad. So, use your perfume every day while the goodness lasts!


Perfumes that are made from natural ingredients like flowers, fruits, spices tend to become bad sooner. Citrus flavours, especially accelerate deterioration of the life of a perfume. It makes the smell sour, acidic and the scent may even lose its original fragrance and turn bland. Patchouli extracts are another ingredient that reduces the life of a fragrance significantly. Usually, perfumes with citrus and patchouli extracts have a shelf life of about a year or 2 at the maximum. 

Synthetic ingredients:

Adding synthetic stabilizers to perfumes definitely adds to its longevity. Synthetic molecules are more stable than natural ones and do not lose their properties as fast as natural ingredients. Therefore, modern day perfumery uses synthetic ingredients to extend the life of the fragrances.


This is an important factor that determines the life of a perfume. Venetians discovered that the fragrance lasts longer when there is more alcohol in it. The typical perfume, ‘Eau de toilettes’ have the longest shelf life because their composition is made up with 90 percent alcohol. Alcohol is the key preservative for fragrances. The higher alcohol concentration, the longer the perfume will last. Therefore, oil-based perfumes tend to have lower shelf life and expires within a year mostly. 


Chemical composition of a perfume changes over time as it gets oxidised and the ingredients lose their intensity. The composition breaks down to change the smell of the original scent. Even temperature changes play an important role in changing the chemical composition of the scent. Too hot or too cold temperatures will break down the molecules or bind them too close tight to alter the original composition, changing the fragrance for bad. Sometimes, a change in the chemical built up of a perfume can also lead to skin irritation and allergies. Therefore, it is best to use a fragrance within the recommended time frame mentioned on the bottle.


As time passes, some fragrances even change colour, becoming either darker or losing their original colour completely. Changes in colour also depends on the type of bottle it is kept in. a coloured bottle is likely to retain the colour of the perfume longer than a transparent bottle. Fruits, flowers and other naturally obtained ingredients change colour over time and since they are used in making perfume, the colour of the perfume also changes with passing of time.


Proper storage can help extend the life of your favourite fragrance. Perfumes should not be kept in direct sunlight as this will change the colour and chemical composition of the fragrance rendering it foul soon. Also, it should not be kept in heat. Perfumes are best stored in a dark, dry and cool place. People believe that perfumes last longer in refrigerators. But that’s NOT TRUE. The chemical composition changes and reduces the life of the fragrance. Therefore, store your perfume in a dresser drawer or shelf that’s away from direct light. This will help make your perfume last longer.

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