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Does your perfume last long? Or does it really bother you that it fades away really fast. I am sure most of us go through this ordeal. And we keep changing our preferences due to that. Now lets dig a bit deeper to understand what makes a perfume last long. To make a complex explanation shorter, lets put it this way, each designer perfume consist of 3 parts, first, second, third. Most of us in reality choose our perfume based on the first and second part. Either we are not aware of the third part or we are running against time...

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Well its never easy to judge when is the right time but lets try.. has it happened to you that after careful selection you still don't love the perfume you are currently using. You have used about 10 to 12 different brands & products till date but none hits the perfect note once you start using the same regularly. If yes, then lets work this out. Why does this happen. So most of us are impulsive with our selection and decisions. They say first impressions are the last impression and so on.. but the same is not true in this...

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This is our first post, so cheers to that. Lets begin with a thought, what are the five primary senses in a human body? Sight   2. Smell   3.Taste   4.Touch   5.Hear Out of these to see & hear are factual senses whereas to smell, taste & feel are subjective or abstract. We can also call them experiential senses. This basically means the same thing will be perceived differently by different individuals. Two individuals have different tastes - we all agree, similarly two individuals may feel the same touch differently due to the emotions associated with it. Now Smell is a bit factual and experiential at...

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